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Hello passengers aboard flight NBO 254 585 Mexico City Nairobi, we are now cruising into Nairobi Skies and flying just above Shani Kindergarten, Westlands, trusting that you have enjoyed our flight. It was a great pleasure to fly with you and look forward to being your captain in your next flight. Thank you for choosing our airline as your ultimate flying pleasure. Passengers connecting to Lome are requested to go straight to gate 2. For passengers alighting in Nairobi, ours is to wish you happy moments and look forward to flying with you in the near future. Please fasten your seat belts and stay cool as we approach the runway within a short while. When in Nairobi, remember to visit www.nairobibuildings.com as your ultimate solution to getting around Nairobi buildings with ease. Cheers!                                                                                                 To Advertise Call or send an email



Shani Kindergarten is located in Westlands at the junction of Musa Gitau Road and Kabarsian Avenue. If driving take Waiyaki Way from Westlands and go straight past KARI. Keep to the left side of the highway past White House Estate then turn left to join Musa Gitau Road at Waruku Service Station.   Cross   Kabarsian Avenue to get to the school on the left  side of the road. 

Vehicles that stop by the school are No. 23,  22, and 105 at the junction of Waiyaki Way and Musa Gitau Road from the city centre. For those coming from Kangemi side alight at Waruku then cross the Waiyaki Way to take Musa Gitau Road leading straight to the school. Waiyaki Way is a black spot, take care when crossing this highway.

No. 22 and 23 are  boarded at Odeon from the city centre. No. 105, 115 and 131 are boarded at Railways terminus. No. 30 is boarded along Tom Mboya Street near the National Archives. Bus No. 105 is boarded along Tom Mboya Street opposite Tuskys near Odeon.  

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