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KENCOM House is located at the junction of Moi Avenue/City Hall Way with the entrance at Nkurumah Road.  The route to the building is well served by public transport from the GPO, Kencom and Odeon Stage. Though accessible by taxis and licensed commuter buses, other public service vehicles are prohibited access to the road by passing this building.

Buses plying major routes towards the west part of the city pick and drop passengers at this central point. This includes buses no. 4, 7, 8, 32, 46, 42,  37,111 among others.

From GPO follow Kenyatta Avenue up to where it meets Kimathi Street. Turn right and join Kimathi Street  at the junction and continue on facing the direction of Hilton Arcade along Mama Ngina Street.  Cross Mama Ngina Street and join Watalii Lane at Hilton towards City Hall Way. Cross City Hall Way towards Kencom Stage and turn right to take Aga Khan Walk. One side of of the building faces Aga Khan Walk. Turn left after completing this side of the building to join Nkurumah Road and continue on to the entrance of the building.

The building is behind Kencom Stage. From Kencom Stage one can also turn left then turn right to join Nkurumah Road towards the entrance of the building. For those using public transport it is advisable to alight at Ambassadeur Stage.

From Odeon take either Mondlane Street or Cabral Street. From Cabaral cross Moi Avenue and turn left at the junction of Moi Avenue towards the direction facing the National Archives on the South towards Ambassadeur Stage. Once at this stage cross Moi Avenue towards Kencom Stage. Turn left at kencom House to get to the entrance of the building. From Railways Stage cross Haile Selassie Avenue and follow Moi Avenue which links up at the Railway Stage. This route will lead you to Kencom House which overlooks Tumaini House. 

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